HAMPL Homeopathic Heartworm AN293


HAMPL Homeopathic Heartworm AN293

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Homeopathic heartwormer for all animals. Safe heartworm prevention

Homeopathic Heartworm Treatment Protocal.  Tested and proven by Homeopathic Veterinarian Dr Deva Khalsa.

HAMPL HeartWorm 293   50ml 
Contains homeopathics, nosode complex contains: Croton tiglium 9X, 20X, 30X, 200X, Lycopersicum esculentum 9X, 20X, 30X, Tanacetum 9X, 20X, 30X, Allium cepa 9X, 20X, 30X, 200X, Allium sativum 9X ,20X, 30X, 200X, with HAMPL Heartworm nosode 30C, Crataegus oxy 2X, 200C (hawthorn) to strengthen the heart.

EASY DOSING: Apply a 2- 4 drops on body daily during high season, (e.g top of head to reach the skin). 

Low season once per week 2-4 drops on body

The Heartworm nosode helps the body’s cellular memory to build a defense against the parasite should it come in contact with it, thus enabling the body to take care of the problem at the early stages so no further development could occur.

Safe non-chemical - HEARTWORM - Options
Give a homeopathic dose, can be added once a day to meals in high season, and high or low-risk areas, can stir in 4 drops into food once a week.

Full dosing instructions provided on bottle