Raw 4 Paws Testimonials


When we contacted Steph approx 9 months ago, we were at our wits end. Our poor girl was absolutely miserable, and resembled a skinned rabbit. She had virtually no fur left on her ears, face, feet and parts of her under belly, and scratched constantly.... Steph listened to us, and through using raw 4 paws, along with other recommended products we finally have our beautiful girl back and we couldn't be more thrilled! It's taken a while, but she is a completely different dog in every way! Thanks to Steph and Raw 4 Paws... 
Julie - Sunshine Coast 



"My Weimaraner Monty has just turned 10 years old. About a year ago his hair started falling out and he had open welts and lumps all over his body. He was lethargic and so ill we had real concerns for his health. Several trips to two different vets, skin scrapings, a plethora of ointments, sprays, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and immune boosters and vitamins, saw only a change to my finances and no improvement to Monty's health.

We had fed Monty the same dried food since he was a puppy without a problem. All of a sudden we had a very sick dog. The vet didn't know what else to do. I did some research on my own and this lead me towards trying a new raw meat diet thinking it might be a food allergy causing his skin condition. I tried a few different brands including Dr Billinghurst’s BARF and Raw 4 Paws. Some brands actually made him vomit. Others didn't smell fresh, or felt a bit slimy. The Raw 4 Paws was by far a superior quality - it was just so fresh and actually looked good enough to feed humans!

You could tell it was made with really good quality ingredients and see the little chunks of vegetables and other ingredients. We started with the individual patties which were really handy to take from the freezer as I needed them, but have now moved on to the 1kg rolls as we found he would eat 750g a day as a good maintenance feed.

After only a few weeks Monty's health really started to improve. 6 months later and it's like we have a different dog. Not only does he have a fully shining healthy coat, he has boundless energy which is pretty good for a 10 year old Weimy. I've even been able to take him off the expensive anti-inflammatories as his arthritis has improved so much. I don't need any of the other additives like Sasha's blend any more either.

Feeding raw food may be a little bit more expensive than dried, but it's a fantastic investment in your dog's health and will help save in the long run - no more medicines, additives or vet bills in 6 months and looking good for the future. I'm certain Raw 4 Paws has saved my dog's life, and has extended it longer than we would have expected for a large dog of his age. I would recommend Raw 4 Paws without hesitation, it's a fantastic product - it really is!”

Tanya - Sunshine Coast 


Thank heaven for Raw 4 Paws! We have two Cairn Terriers; one is 13 and the other is 3 years old.

Five years ago our older female dog couldn’t keep her food down/in. After numerous visits to our vet and a referral to a specialist, all of which required numerous tests, various trials of medication and much money, I was advised that her digestive system would never be able to cope with protein in its recognisable form again.

For the next 3 years she was on a special canned food diet with matching dried food to manage this condition. The only problem was she still suffered the same symptoms, though less frequently. As a consequence she was prescribed a daily dose of antibiotics on which it appeared she would need to stay for the rest of her life, although there were still bouts of vomiting etc, with many a trip outside in the early hours of the morning. All in all, it wasn't a very satisfactory treatment, but there seemed to be no alternative.

In the meantime, after we lost an older dog we bought a puppy (being our now 3 year old), and at Puppy Preschool the instructor mentioned Raw 4 Paws so I thought I’d give it a go and our pup loved it. Last year, unbeknown to us he got into the potting mix and made himself very sick. He was then put on the same diet and similar treatment as our older dog (by a different vet as we had now moved) until he recovered, which he didn’t seem to do. I rang Steph and advised her that I wouldn’t be getting any more R4P as I now had 2 sick dogs on my hands, both of whom were unable to tolerate protein.

That phone call was the start of life again for our two dogs. Steph was fantastic help, and encouraged me to introduce “The Big C” (her Vitamin C product) to give the dogs a boost before weaning them off the antibiotics. Once that was done and I realized their symptoms were getting no worse, which previously they always did when I stopped the tablets, she advised me to stop their current diet completely and start them on R4P turkey. Although very worried about the outcome, I did as advised and was delighted with the results as they didn’t miss a beat. We now have two normal, healthy dogs. They just haven’t looked back from Day 1 of the change.

So for over 2 years now, the diet for both our dogs has been entirely Raw 4 Paws (with chicken necks for their teeth). Our dogs are thriving, their coats have improved and the energy level in the older 13 year old dog is well above the norm for a dog of her age. Also they have both had to have operations as a result of accidents in that period, and on both occasions the vet has remarked on how well and quickly they seem to recover/heal. 

We cannot thank you enough Steph for all you help and the Raw 4 Paws Team for this fine product. We recommend it to anyone who wants to do the right thing by their best friend.

Michele and Barry Tennyson - Brisbane


"We've always been confused about the best diet for our dog.Even with the best intentions our dog became overweight and developed a lame leg. After meeting Steph from Pet tales who convinced us to try Raw 4 Paws, he's a new dog!

In just 3 months he's lost weight, is definitely more satisfied after meals and his leg has totally recovered! He's running again and has loads of energy. This was after our vet wanted to operate on him!

We've tried roo and chicken and he loves both. They're perfectly portioned and you can tell it's quality meat at a great price!" 

J Khoury - Alex Headland


"My partner and I met Steph by chance while she was training assistance dogs in a shopping centre. After speaking about how her products could benefit our dog it was clear Steph was both passionate and well informed about proper nutrition for dogs.

Steph was extremely helpful and empathetic towards our dog's care. In the past we tried everything from dried food to raw and cooked meat but knew we weren't getting it right.

We then tried Raw 4 Paws and our dog's health has improved out of sight! The portions make it easy to prepare, he's cut down on water because there are no fillers or salt and his weight and appetite have balanced. He has so much energy now it's unbelievable!"

J Elkaabouch - Mooloolaba


"I have been using Raw 4 Paws dog food for the last three and a half years for my seven year old Mastiff cross Ridgeback, Dozer. 

Prior to using Raw 4 Paws, Dozer was 10kgs overweight and suffering from stiff muscles because of his extra weight; he was lethargic and suffering from allergies where his skin would react and break out in a bumpy rash. 

He was a very unhappy boy and appeared much older than his years!  I was desperate to look for a solution for Dozer’s weight, stiff muscles and skin condition and Steph came to the rescue!

She suggested the switch to Raw 4 Paws which she assured me would not only provide the nutritional value but help in clearing his skin. 

Within weeks I started to notice the difference in Dozer’s skin and weight. 

After two months, Dozer’s weight had dropped significantly, he had loads more energy and I have not seen a repeat of his rash since! He is certainly a much happier dog.

With Raw 4 Paws, Dozer has maintained his weight (which is now perfect for his size), is healthier and happier than ever before.  He has tried and loves all flavours of Raw 4 Paws and I would not hesitate in recommending it for all dogs to keep them young, happy and healthy."

Carolyn Twiggs (Dozer’s Mum) - Buderim


Dear Steph and the Team at Raw4Paws...

Firstly I like to start with saying a HUGE THANK YOU for your help and advice regarding my Fur Baby Missy, after a ridiculous amount of Vet visits and $$$ and also trying several different kinds of high quality and expensive foods as well as multiple natural remedies I was feeling totally deflated and was starting to doubt myself as being a good dog owner, as much as I love her and how hard I've been trying to help her I felt as though I was letting her down and could not do anything right by her.

Missy has had ongoing health issues since I got her a year ago, starting with puppy vaginitis which after months of multiple different antibiotics, de-sexing and thousands of dollars later it would still not go away, with research I discovered many natural remedies and found giving her one cranberry tablet a day kept it away and under control but this was still frustrating as it was not a permanent fix. I then started to notice she had small lumps on her skin a lot like mosquito bites, overnight these developed more and covered her head to toe, after taking her to the vet they told me she has allergies and this is common in her breed (American Staffy) however she also had staphylococcus bacteria on her skin in the hives causing a yellowish puss to ooze out, for this they recommend a dose of antibiotics to get rid of the bacteria so then we would only be dealing with the hives...did this work? NO!!!!

So I then tried multiple shampoos and creams bla bla bla and still nothing or only a daily fix. After all the issues I was deflated and felt I was losing the battle with her health. I would go to pat her and she would run away from me, in fear of me touching her cysts/hives to put cream on them as this would obviously be uncomfortable, irritating and sore for her. This was heart breaking for me to have the puppy I love so much not wanting me to touch her. I had enough, I went to the vet demanding answers. All they could do is give her an anti-inflammatory injection to settle it down which is only a 24hr fix and antibiotics for the staph which I refused, the last thing her immune system needed was more antibiotics. That night I sat up most of the night researching, trying to get some answers and natural remedies. I came to the conclusion that Missy had a yeast overgrowth from the endless amount of antibiotics, I assumed this is why the earlier illness would not clear up (vaginitis) as this is yeast related, this can also be related to skin issues. To sort this issue out I gave Missy "probiotics'' for two weeks, twice daily with her food. I also read that Colloidal Silver given orally for the duration of 10 days will kill the enzyme the Staph bacteria needs to breath therefore killing the bacteria...IT WORKED. I was seeing a glimmer of hope.

Although, Missy was still getting hives, I took Missy to the vet as she needed an anti-inflammatory shot to settle the hives down, the vet recommended I do an allergy test, this was going to cost big $$$ on top of the thousands I had already spent, I was undecided on what to do. The next day one of my students parents asked me how my Missy was going. I filled them in on the recent breakthrough, they recommended a food to me they were feeding their new puppy "Raw 4 Paws" they told me that they were told it's great for dogs with allergies and has helped a lot of dogs with skin issues. I was hesitant as I had already tried changing her food many times and I went as far as having my whole back yard garden removed to rule out and eliminate any contact allergens from plants, so surely it had to be food not the environment. So after some thought I bit the bullet and thought I'd give it a go, surely it can't get any worse....and WOW after a week her hives had gone down so much and after three weeks totally gone, she will occasionally get one or two from rolling in long grass but nothing like she had before.

Missy has been on Raw 4 Paws for almost 3 years now and it's the best decision I've made. Not only does she love it and pretty much inhale her food, her skin is clear and she's happy and healthy. But....a few weeks ago I had to go to a wedding and being that she is finally gaining weight and finally healthy I did not want to skip a meal. I was unable to leave her food out given it's meat so I thought I'd leave a small bowl of dried food out for her so she had food for that night. I thought surely one meal of it wouldn't hurt...and geez was I wrong. The next night, the poor thing had hives all over her back and back legs...I FELT TERRIBLE, never again!!!!!! But thanks to her new Raw 4 Paws food, her skin was back to normal within the week. I am so happy with her health she has no need for added supplements now. Missy's skin issues were the most frustrating and hard to conquer problem and finally I have peace of mind and my Missy is happy and healthy...

All our thanks.

Sarah-Jane and Missy