Canine Ascension Soothing Skin Balm
Canine Ascension Soothing Skin Balm

Canine Ascension

Canine Ascension Soothing Skin Balm

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PLEASE NOTE : Due to WA state laws regarding  bee products this product contains beeswax so therefore it can NOT be posted to WA.

Please do NOT order this product if you require postage to WA as your order for this product will be refunded.  Thank you for your understanding  

Canine Ascension Balms are handmade in small batches from 100% natural ingredients and are perfect for you dog’s paws, nose, elbows and ear tips. The balm helps repair damaged skin, soothe stings, moisturise dry skin, and nourish active paws.

Ingredients: Calendula Oil, Australian Beeswax, Shea Butter, Kokum Butter, and Tallow from grass-fed cattle.

-For external use only. Safe for dogs to lick off their paws in small quantities, discourage excessive licking.

-Does not contain essential oils, making these balms safe to apply to open skin.

Calendula Oil: Made by solar infusion, calendula oil is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and deeply moisturising. It’s ideal for helping relieve chapped skin, sprains, bruises, rashes, minor cuts and wounds, insect bites and sores.

Australian Beeswax: Chosen for it’s long list of incredible benefits to the skin, beeswax will also form a barrier over the area of application, protecting the skin from environmental irritants, while working in perfect balance with the other ingredients to prevent dryness and promote healing for sensitive skin. Beeswax won’t clog pores or suffocate the skin. It also gives the Canine Ascension Balm the beautiful scent of honey!

Shea Butter: Comes from the fruit of the Shea tree. Shea butter contains anti-inflammatory compounds and is rich in vitamins A, E, and F. It’s concentration of fatty acids are extremely moisturising, whilst protecting the skin’s natural oils.

Kokum Butter: Comes from the seeds of the Garcinia Indica tree. Kokum butter reduces the degeneration of the skin cells, restores elasticity, and prevents drying. It’s high in antioxidants and vitamin E. Kokum butter does not clog the pores (it’s non-comedogenic). It’s ideal for damaged skin, extremely dry skin, fissures or cracks in paws and noses.

Tallow from grass-fed cattle: Tallow is deeply moisturising and healing for skin that is dry, itchy, sensitive or cracked. Canine Ascension only uses leaf fat from grass-fed cattle to produce the tallow for the Balms. Grass-fed tallow is high in conjugated linoleic acid and naturally rich in selenium, iron, phosphorous and potassium. Tallow also contains vitamins B6, A, D, E and K2.