CTFD Pet Calming Formula
CTFD Pet Calming Formula

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CTFD Pet Calming Formula

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Calm the Fkk Down!

The name says it all!

If your dog is a little boisterous, full of energy or suffers from anxiety or nervousness etc, this carefully selected blend of herbs could provide a solution.

All the ingredients, mixed in precise amounts, are natural sedatives and calming agents. Some dogs may experience behavioural changes very quickly after application.

There are 2 options available for this product.

Either in a liquid formula which is applied direct onto the nose (ideal for travel or when out and about anxiety occurs) for immediate effect or as a powder which is added to their diet for a longer relief.


Powder - Passionflower, hops, vervain, lavender

Liquid – Passionflower, hops, vervain, ashwagandha, zizyphus seed

Can be used for dogs and cats

We have also had some good results with this product for seizure dogs who have a high level of anxiety where this sets off a seizure.