Food Allergy Test

Inner Wolf

Food Allergy Test


Do you suspect you dog may have food sensitivities or intolerances but not sure where to start with finding out what to eliminate from the diet or how to formulate a balanced diet for your particular dog's needs?

Why not start with an allergy test and then we can work with you from there?

An allergy test kit can be posted out. The kit contains swabs and clear instructions for saliva collection. This can then be sent away for analysis at a laboratory along with  hair sample from the dog. 

Laboratory test results usually take about a month to return to Inner Wolf Canine Nutrition where they will be assessed by qualified canine nutritionist Steph Orange BCCSDip.HthNut.

An individual balanced diet will be formulated based on allergy test results, and including any supplementation recommendations. 

Price is inclusive of the lab test and follow up consultation with Steph Orange, which can be conducted via email, phone or in person in Maroochydore store with your dog present.

Food and supplement products are not included in test fee.