Goat Tendons

Inner Wolf

Goat Tendons

Chewy pieces of 100% pure goat tendons (pizzles) - Low fat 

Varying in size the average size is around 15cm long

An excellent low fat, hypoallergenic dog chew for most sized dogs and also seems to be a safe alternative for sensitive dogs.

Benefits of goat tendons:-

A stimulating mind and dental workout for your dog or puppy. Goat tendons will help to reduce tartar on the teeth as well as providing a nice crate training or boredom buster treat.

Very lean so also a good option for dogs who require a low fat treat option.

All Australian made and sourced meat with nothing added.

Packs: 200g stand up resealable pouches or 1kg bulk resealable flat pack:

Ingredients: 100% goat tendons which contain no additives or preservatives.

Source: Manufactured in Australia using 100% Australian sourced ingredients