HAMPL Allergen Immune Grass, Pollens,Plants, Mould AN059


HAMPL Allergen Immune Grass, Pollens,Plants, Mould AN059

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Homeopathic drops for allergen Immune to grasses,plants,pollens,moulds

  • Various environment allergens.
  • For all ages, breeds, & species.
  • This is a common allergy for dogs.
  • Use in conjunction with HAMPL Topical ScratchItch spray.

Please note:  if your pet has allergies reactions, most often it is to do with certain foods (chemicals in commercial dry and wet food), grass, pollen etc allergies or drug chemical reactions (vaccines, flea and worm insecticide poisons). It is because our immune system are weak and compromised.

Set of 1

HAMPL Allergen Immune 59  30ml (1oz)

Non Drug Prescription

HAMPL Allergen Immune 59 30ml (1oz) 
Contains Homeopathic nosode made from: over 41 types of grass types, pollens of various grasses, weeds, flowers, trees, Urtica Urens, Lymph, and over 75 different strains of molds, with homeopathic Histamine 50M (allergies, headache, fever, shivering, asthma, bronchitis)