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HAMPL Anal Gland Clear AN009

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AN009 Anal gland - infection abscess and ulcerations, blockage, or just irritation in anal glands for all species

  • Regular bowel movements for your pet.
  • Anal Glands blocked, abscess, infection.
  • More often seen in canines, than cats.
  • Chronic or acute inflammation.

Ingredients :

HAMPL AnalGl 9-1 30ml (1oz) drops
Contains homeopathic complex: Hepar Sulph 6X, 4X,  Aesculus Hippocastanum, Echinacea, Causticum, Cal Sul 6C, 30C


(the sacs become filled and cannot empty) is uncommon and occurs when the sacs fail to empty normally. This may happen if the small ducts are plugged by their pasty secretions. Often, it is not recognized until the infection is present. Some complications that may occur from anal gland impaction include infection and abscess

Acute or chronic inflammation

Can happen, with constant suppuration or continuously blocked with or without abscess, or it may just be red and irritated. Often you will see your pet lick the anus as it would be sore and irritated. Sometimes scooting along the carpet or on grassy areas.

HAMPL AnalGl 9-1 30ml (1oz)

Homeopathic Medical Uses  
E.G.  homeopathic Hepar Sulph aids suppuration, clears abscess, boils, carbuncles, glandular swellings, constipation or loose stools, hemorrhoids,  Aesculus Hipp used for in this case are for any or prevention of - anal problems, hemorrhoids, constipation, raw anus, sore. Causticum cramps in the rectum, anus prolapse, fistula and pulsation and pain in the perineum, partial paralysis of the rectum, constipation with frequent ineffectual urging. Echinacea for abscess, boils, blood poisoning, carbuncles, gangrene, ulcers.