HAMPL Bladder Clear 50ml AN015


HAMPL Bladder Clear 50ml AN015

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HAMPL BladderClear 15  50ml  (1.7oz)

  • Bladder - Acute blockage
  • Urethral obstruction 
  • Urethritis - inflammation of the urethra,
  • FLUTD - from struvite crystals,
  • Bladder paralysis
  • Bladder blockages, stricture
  • Bladder Polyps.
  • Manx syndrome in felines - bladder or bowel dysfunction.
  • Help Maintain Kidneys, Bladder, Urethral or Prostate Health

  • Ingredients:

    Homeopathic, nosode, sarcode complex:  Cantharis, Thlaspi Bursa, Terebinthae Ol 12X, Am Benz, Solidago (kidney support), Calc Renalis, Dulcamara, Hyoscyamus, Alum Met, Teucrium Mar, Eel Serum, Arnica, Causticum, Hydrangea Arboreseens 6X,12C,1M (stricture, kidney, bladder urinary gravel or stones relief, colic pain, urinary incontinence), Ruta Grav, Tabacuum, Thla Burs, Bell, Sulphur 1M. With Calcarea Carb with Teucrium, Thuja 3C,1M (for bladder polyps, retention, cystitis, retention of urine, bladder spasm). With Staphylococcus Aur Bacteria nosode, Pyrogen 200C (infection), Cuprum Met 1M (spasms) 

    With sarcodes of the: Nerve Spinal Dorsal Lumbar sarcode, Muscle Torso sarcode, Urogenital Triangle sarcode 6C, 30C.

    Easy Homeopathic Animal Dosing Application:  
    Pat in 3 -4 drops on the back of shoulder blades, with the bottom of the bottle. The liquid has alcohol, so do not give orally.  Repeat as frequently as suggested, when acute or severe symptoms.