HAMPL Digestive Enzyme Aid AN163


HAMPL Digestive Enzyme Aid AN163

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Digestion Enzyme Aid (tasteless) add to food 
  • Helps with restoring the good bacteria in body.

  • Assists better digestion of nutrition using homeopathy

  • For chronic illness or the elderly animals & pets

  • For all species ie a pinch in food or water

Assists with restoring the good bacteria of the flora in the gut from past or present antibiotics, assists in digestion for animals that are unwell, chronic illness or the elderly - clinical studies have found that all cancer patients they have found have enzyme deficiencies. For an unwell pet, or if they are 8 yrs and over need enzyme assistance.

Malabsorption syndrome keeps many dogs, cats and horses becoming healthy or staying healthy.

Add a few drops to every meal given can also stir in a dose to water bowl

Also a great idea to work on healing gut flora - if your pet has ever had any antibiotic drugs in their life.

Non-drug prescription of natural medicines supplement for all species

HAMPL Digest Aid 163  100ml (3.4oz) 
Contains homeopathically energized NUTRITION: Lactabacill Acid, Bifad, Colostrum, Alfalfa, E.F.A's, Sulphur, Glyerinum 500C (aids better absorption of nutrition), Leaky Gut nosode 30X, Bioplasma tissue salts (health tonic), with four types of enzymes, homeopathic Organs Sarcodes of the:  small and large intestines meridian, spleen, stomach, duodenum, Illeum, Jejunum, pancreatic juice, peyers patches 2C

Set of 1

HAMPL Digest Aid 100ml (3.4oz)
Available in granules or clear liquid