HAMPL Fear No More 50ml AN066


HAMPL Fear No More 50ml AN066

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Drops for animals who are sensitive to loud noises,storms, fireworks, and fearful of any social situations. Ideal for rescue dogs or dogs that were poorly socialised during the critical period (3-16 weeks of age)

  • Excellent for show rings events for dogs showing fear.
  • Species who are sensitive to loud noises.
  • Fear of loud sounds like fireworks, thunder, gun shot fire.
  • Wind, storms, hurricanes, tornados season or unexpected.

A safe, effective natural formula for dogs or other species who are sensitive to loud noises, fireworks, thunder and lightning, fear of wind or storms and change of weather or fear of the unknown after a bad experience with someone.

Exhibiting fear from thunderstorms, wind, hurricanes and tornados. Restlessness, anxious and unwanted behavior can be helped with this fast acting liquid.

Excellent for young or timid dogs that are being taken to shows and appear to be sensitive to noises or fear all the activity around them. This remedy will assist in acute reactions to future noises.

If the pet is really bad, use in conjunction with some Calmative Herbs.

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HAMPL Fear No More 66 30ml (1oz)

Non Drug Prescriptions
Contains homeopathic and Flower essences blend: Phosphorus, Kali Phos, Arg Nit, Nit Ac, Aconite, 10M, Sumb Mosch 30C, Flower Essences Chestnut Bud 200C, 10M