HAMPL Herbastone and Stone Detox Set AN224- bladder,kidneys, Calcium Oxelate


HAMPL Herbastone and Stone Detox Set AN224- bladder,kidneys, Calcium Oxelate

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Homeopathic formula set of 2 for kidney stones, bladder stones- calcium oxelates only NOT struvite stones

1. HAMPL Stone Detox 50ml (1.7oz)
Contains homeopathic, nosode, organotherapy complex: Organ Urea, Renal Calculi nosode, Calc Renalis 3X (dissolving stones), Apium Grav 1M, Staphoccolus bacteria Infection nosode 30C, Mag Phos 6X, 1M (spasms and pain) ,Thuja, Berberis Vulg 3X, 1M, Kidney Stone Phosphate 30X, Sarsaparilla 1M, Benzoic Acid 12C, 200C, Hydrangea Arboreseens 6X, 12C, (kidney, bladder urinary gravel or stones relief) with (NAR) KBS formula 200C, (kidney support), Apium Graveolene 1M (kidney stones, weak detox system), Renal Colic 200C,1M (kidney pain or spasms, passing stones, back pain), Galium Spp 1M (urinary system support for gravel or stones in the urethra, kidney or bladder, also aids as a diuretic) plus Liver Bile Duct nosode 30X, 1M, Phosphorus 30X, Carrdus Mar 1M (liver support), Bursa Past 6X,30C, MM, Dioscorea Villosa 1M (gallstone colic), Urtica Urens 1M (kidney stones), with Lycopodium 1M, Carbolic Acid 10M, Cuprum Met 10M (cramps / spasms pain), Gunpowder nosode (stops any infection from spreading), Kalium Chloricum 10M, Calc Carb 200C,1M, Calc Renalis 1M, Arnica 1M, Kreosate 1M, Tabacum 1M (clears any blockages), Cantharis 6C,1M (bladder urine releasing and blood in urine), and Juniperus Comm 6C, 1M (dropsy, kidney stones) with (NAR) Spasm formula pain formula, along with remedies to help dissolve stones using Silicea 12X, 200C, Calc Phos 6C, 30X

~ Working on breaking down and dissolving stones along with passing out the pieces of stones or gravel of the Bladder or Kidney areas, spasms, and helps flush using a homeopathic diuretic for the urinary system of gravel or stones in either urethra, kidneys or bladder.


2. HAMPL Herba Stone 100ml (3.4oz) 
Contains an herbal blend of a liquid extract of Couch grass, Golden Rod, Marshmallow, Cornsilk.

~ A Herbal tonic for conditions of blockages and stones. Continue herbs longer term at once a day after stones are cleared.