HAMPL Timid AN007

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HAMPL Timid AN007

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For pets who may have been traumatized by children or other environmental factors or just feral and fearful of humans - past or present traumas unknown to us. We often encounter this behavior in our pets, either felines or canines. Sometimes it is from fear, stress, trauma which can be quite frustrating indeed., healing behavior, for all species.

AN007 Behaviour - Sensitive and timid or scared pet or animal.

Code: AN007

1. Magnesium (mineral) and suggested "Homeopathic Remedies"
We highly suggest Magnesium Lyposomal 

2. B Complex (stress)
Add natural B liposomal complex (for reducing stress). or Add "Bee Pollen granules" in meals, which is a natural form of B complex. Adding a pinch (several grains) for toy dog, cat or small pet similar size. Or for small to med pets, 1 teaspoon, or larger pets add 1 tablespoon in daily meals - daily.