Beef Carton 1.6kg
Beef Carton 1.6kg

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Beef Carton 1.6kg

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Contains 8 x 200g individual portioned chubs

Suitable for healthy adult dogs and puppies.

Beef is an excellent choice for very active dogs sporting dogs, working dogs and growing puppies that are free of any health complaints.

Beef is a rich source of iron and excellent for dogs suffering from anaemia.

However, Beef is a red meat and can promote inflammation, so for dogs experiencing any joint inflammation or degenerative condition (i.e.arthritis or cancer) or any skin inflammatory conditions or itchiness then beef is usually NOT suitable

We recommend to AVOID beef meat, beef offal or beef bones for joint and skin inflammatory conditions or degenerative diseases

    • Ingredients: 

      Beef meat, beef heart, beef kidney, celery, carrots, spinach, broccoli, zucchini, apples, organic pumpkin seeds, organic coconut oil, sunflower oil, organic hemp seed oil, cod liver oil, kelp, calcium, bio-fermented pawpaw, bio-fermented cranberry, bio-fermented dandelion

  • Nutritional Analysis – Protein: 14.2%, Fat: 8.6%, Fibre: max 1%, Moisture: 73.7%, 135.57 Kcal/100g