About Us



Steph is passionate about all things canine after more than a decade of breeding and training Labrador Retrievers for the working dog industry, including Guide Dogs, Assistance Dogs and scent detection dogs.

Steph has a current diploma in canine health and nutrition and studied for 2 years with British College of Canine Studies.

Whether your focus is working dogs, sporting dogs, breeding or pets, Steph educates using the most common sense, yet economical approach to nutrition and health, ensuring peak performance, condition and longevity.

Over the years Steph has lectured on canine nutrition and health, and through a well-researched holistic approach, has educated thousands of previously confused owners who were floundering in the dark, after often spending $$ on “prescription" diets” and medication to achieve no lasting results.

Through her guidance, owners have achieved the best possible outcomes, found the answers they sought and feel secure in the knowledge that they discovered the road to thriving health for their current and future pets.

Steph now offers private individual nutritional consultations, drawing on a wealth of knowledge and experience and will answer all your questions and concerns.

Our mission at Inner Wolf is to maximise wellness and longevity for every dog or cat as an individual.

The key to the immune system lies in the gut so we always begin the journey with quality species appropriate nutrition.