Raw 4 Paws Feeding Guide

How much raw food should I feed my dog every day?

A good starting point for an adult healthy dog is feed  2%-3% of their ideal body weight per day or if overweight then 2% of their desired body weight per day

  • Puppies under 4 months feed 5% of current bodyweight per day 
  • Puppies 5-12 months 3% of the breed’s average adult body weight per day
  • Small breed adult dogs 3-4% of body weight per day depending how active
  • Large breed adult dogs 2-3% of body weight per day depending on activity level  - Note: Small breeds generally burn more calories for their weight than larger breeds and have a faster metabolism 
  • Sedentary old dog 2% of bodyweight per day will be a good starting point

IMPORTANT : Monitor your dog’s weight and adjust up or down accordingly to maintain a constant healthy body weight

Some adult dogs thrive on one meal per day and others do better on two meals per day

Puppies up until 6 months need 3 meals per day

Puppies 6-12 months require 2 meals per day

For growing puppies (under 12 months) it is important for bone growth and development, especially while they are cutting teeth, to make sure puppies are never underweight and important for their joint development that they are not obese

Raw 4 Paws Food Calculator

How old/active is your dog?

Select your dog's weight in kg

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Number of Days Required?

I need food for 30 days

Approx number of Containers or Patty cartons required

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The above calculator is per DAY, NOT per MEAL and is an approximate guide based on the dog being in healthy weight range. It is a good starting point.