Beef Carton for Cats 1.6kg
Beef Carton for Cats 1.6kg

Raw 4 Paws

Beef Carton for Cats 1.6kg

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8 x 200g individual portions 

Beef is an excellent choice for cats and they love the taste

Beef is a high source of iron and excellent for cats suffering from anemia.

Raw 4 Paws Beef also contains beef heart which is a natural source of Taurine , an essential amino acid that cats need for healthy heart function

Cats are obligate carnivores so this recipe is made without veges.

Excellent natural source of iron and  high quality protein

Complete balanced Biologically Appropriate Raw Food

For kittens under 2 kg feed 50g (1/4 patty per day approx)

For adult small cats up to 4-5 kg feed 100g per day (1/2 patty)

For large cats over 5 kg feed 200g per day (whole patty)

  • Nutritional Analysis – Protein: 15.1%, Fat: 7.7%, Fibre: max 1%, Moisture: 72.7%, 131.27 Kcal/100g