Inner Wolf Free Range Turkey
Inner Wolf Free Range Turkey

Inner Wolf

Inner Wolf Free Range Turkey

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Inner wolf free range turkey recipe has been created with love using the entire free range turkey including breast meat, organ meat and soft ground bone.

Ingredients: Free range turkey meat, free range ground turkey bone, free range turkey heart, free range turkey liver, zucchini*, broccoli*, red capsicum*, celery*, carrot*, spinach*, cucumber*, chia seeds*, wild blueberries*, wild cranberries*, blackberries*, fresh parsley*, sea minerals calcium*, kelp*,  NZ freeze dried green lipped mussel powder*  Australian styrian pumpkin seeds* Australian cold-pressed flaxseed oil* , wild Norwegian cold-pressed cod liver oil, prebiotics-live probiotics 

* Denotes organic ingredients

Nutritional Analysis

Protein 16.8%

Fat 7.7%

Fibre 0.36%

Moisture 72.5%

KCal per kg 1400

Ca:P Ratio 1:0.9

Omega 6:3 Ratio  3:1 

Zn: Cu Ratio 10:1

Inner wolf recipes are nutritionally balanced by our qualified canine nutritionist, using state of the art software, to ensure dogs thrive as nature intended.

We select whole free range, ethically farmed / wild meat sources and balance them with carefully selected fresh local organic produce, organic herbs, premium organic seeds and organic cold-pressed oils.

All ingredients are fresh, human grade and of the highest quality possible. 

We are passionate about creating gourmet raw meals which are quick frozen to lock in the freshness, making them convenient for pet parents to simply defrost and serve!

All meals are prepared with love by safe food accredited butchers - Sunshine Coast Organic Meats