Dr Nat’s Immunity Tonic 250mL

Dr Nat's

Dr Nat’s Immunity Tonic 250mL

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Promotes and supports a healthy immune system in pets

  • Supports immunity, digestion, heart, mood, skin and urinary health
  • Wild-caught probiotics provide beneficial microbes to the digestive system
  • May also deter unwanted pests from hitching a ride

This tonic is live and unpasteurised with the Mother
so some sedimentation may occur.

Ingredients :

Raw organic apple cider vinegar*, cinnamon*, peppermint*, wormwood*, clove*, sage*, garlic*

Directions for use :

Add to food daily
Cats: 1 – 2 drops / kg
Dogs: 1 – 2 tsps / 20kg
Horses & Farm Animals: 1 – 2 tbsp daily