Dr Nat’s Restore Digestion Tonic 250mL

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Dr Nat’s Restore Digestion Tonic 250mL

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Strengthens a pet’s digestive system and aids in recovery from stomach upsets.

Well suited to support diet change in puppies. Warming and helpful for older animals seeking warmth, slowing down due to arthritis and showing signs of a sluggish digestive system. May also aid in recovery from respiratory infections.

Ingrsdients :

Raw organic apple cider vinegar*, pineapple*, ginger*
*organic & spray free

Directions for use:

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Add to food daily
Cats: 1 – 2 drops / kg
Dogs: ½ – 1 tsp / 20kg
Horses & Farm Animals: 1 – 2 tbsp daily

For car sickness give one dose directly by mouth with a syringe diluted with equal parts water half an hour before travel.