Dr Nat’s Shield & Coat Spray 240mL

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Dr Nat’s Shield & Coat Spray 240mL

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Supports healthy skin & may also prevent pests hitching a ride on your pet’s coat

  • Neutralizes environmental allergens and can help soothe itchy skin
  • Natural conditioner supporting skin and coat health
  • May deter unwanted pests from hitching a ride
  • Wild-caught probiotics help balance the natural flora on the skin of our pet

Ingredients :

  • Raw organic apple cider vinegar*, neem*, cinnamon*, peppermint*, wormwood*, clove*, sage*, garlic*, catnip*, tea tree essential oil**, lemon essential oil**, lavender essential oil**, coconut oil*, filtered water
    *organic **pure therapeutic grade

Directions for use :

For use on mammals and poultry. 1 spray per 1 – 2kg directly onto coat daily and after bathing.
For pets with environmental skin sensitivities spray onto a cloth and wipe down coat when returning from outside.
Shake before use.

For best results use with Dr Nat’s Defend Immunity Tonic.