HAMPL Herbal Heartworm Free 200ml AN177


HAMPL Herbal Heartworm Free 200ml AN177

HAMPL Herbal Heartworm Free 200ml AN177

  • Maintaining Health from Heartworm in dogs.
  • All ages and conditions can maintain health naturally.
  • Other option is the “homeopathic” HAMPL HeartWorm 293

Ingredients off Herbal Heartworm AN177 - Contains herbal and homeopathic formula of the herbal concentrate of : Black.w.hull, Hawthorn berries herb, HAMPL HeartWorm 298 formula.  With homeopathic Ars Alb with the nosode  "Heartworm" (difofilaria immitis) in a 6C, 200C.
E.g.  Black walnut – kills parasites by oxygenating the blood.  It also burns up toxins and fatty matter. It is also able to balance sugar levels. MUST DILUTE first. Adding suggest the number of drops in some food before giving one dose.  Hand feed or just add to the main meals. 


Give a herbal dose once a day, during high mosquito season of the year.  If high-risk area all year, give a dose 5 times a week ongoing.
Full dosing instructions provided



a dose (according to size and age of pet) drops which are on the Label of the Bottle.
You can the drops twice daily in a small amount of food or some tasty liquid oral syringe (or hand feed) for 6 weeks to kill the worm.
Antigen will remain in the system for 4 to 5 months after the death of worm, so please continue dosing for a few more months, one dose daily. All ages and stages.

For No side effects at all, as totally chemical free, you will only see improvement.  See the HELP SHEET to also support lungs with homeopathic drops and vitamin and minerals specifically to help heart and lung function with your dog.

No matter how old or advanced stage with heartworm infestation it is still never too late or risks to help maintain health in your dog.

For Pregnant or Nursing female dogs this herbal formula might be okay in very small doses, which is what we prescribe already. However, the BWH is contraindicated in human pregnancy (can be a uterine stimulant).
Puppies over 3 months are fine to use but under this age (infant puppies) it would be too astringent.
So for infants, our Herbalist would prescribe the homeopathic formula HAMPL HeartWorm 293 100ml.


AN177    Using “Herbal & Homeopathic” formula  “HAMPL Heart Worm Free 177  200ml 

Heartworm (parasite)

Most veterinarians will recommend giving a daily or monthly pill or injection to prevent heartworms, but in actuality, you’re not preventing them; you are administering the cure on a regular basis.   This cure for heartworm is “toxic”.  Of a strong insecticide drug (poisoning the blood).   The chemicals are capable of causing disease. The dosage is much smaller than the actual treatment, but when it’s administered month after month, the toxic side-effects become a serious health risk.

A cat is considered a resistant host of heartworms because the worms do not thrive as well inside a cat’s body.

The cause of heartworms is mosquitoes.

Approx 4000 drops per bottle