Inner Wolf Free Range Chicken
Inner Wolf Free Range Chicken
Inner Wolf Free Range Chicken

Inner Wolf

Inner Wolf Free Range Chicken

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Free range chicken recipe has been nutritionally balanced to meet/exceed all nutitional  standards for nutrients for puppies and adult dogs.

This recipe is ideal to include for growing puppies, as a transition recipe from kibble, or ongoing in rotation with beef and lamb or our other high protein ruminant recipes. 

Chicken recipe is particularly beneficial to include, in rotation, for puppies due to the raw meaty bone content which provides an excellent source of naturally-occurring essential minerals such as calcium and phosphorous.

Inner Wolf free range chicken recipe has been created using free range chicken meat, free range chicken organ meat and free range soft ground chicken bone.

Our "paddock to bowl" recipes are locally produced with local ingredients and no fillers or preservatives are used.

Ingredients: Free range chicken meat,  Free range chicken heart, Free range chicken liver, Free range chicken soft ground bone, Carrot*, Broccoli*, Bok Choy*, Celery*, Spinach*, Chia seeds*, Ground Ginger, Wild blueberries*, Wild cranberries, Blackberries*NZ freeze dried green lipped mussel powder, Fresh parsley*, Wild Norwegian cold-pressed cod liver oil, Organic Seaweed*, Live probiotics , Prebiotics

*Denotes organic ingredients 

Nutritional Analysis

Protein 15%

Fat 10.4%

Net Carbohydrates 0.7%

Fibre 0.6%

Moisture 71%

Ash 2.3%

kCal per kg 1578kCal

kCal per kg (Dry Matter Basis) 5302kCal

Kilojoules per 100g 660kJ

Keto ratio 0.70

Minerals  (units/1000kCal)

Calcium 3.5g

Phosphorous 2.7g

Ca:P Ratio 1.3:1

Potassium K 1.88g

Sodium Na 0.91g

Magnesium Mg 0.31g

Iron Fe 25.53mg 

Copper Cu 2.7mg 

Zinc Zn 27.9mg

Selenium Se 0.22mg

ZnCu Ratio 10:1

Manganese Mn 2.5mg

Iodine I 0.5mg

Fats (units /1000kCal)

Total fats 58.7g

Saturated 15.7g

Monounsaturated (MUFA) 18g

Polyunsaturated (PUFA) 14.4g

LA 9.8g

ALA 1.7g

AA 1.6g

EPA 0.17g

DHA 0.41g

EPA+DHA =0.58g

Omega 6:3 Ratio  4:1

Protein - Amino Acids (units/1000kCal)

Total protein 125g

Tryptophan 1.6g

Threonine 5.9g

Isoleucine 6.9g

Leucine 10.8g

Lysine 11.6g

Methionine 3.6g

Methionine-cystine 5.4g

Phenylalanine 5.7g

Phenylalanine-Tyrosine 10.4g

Valine 7g

Arginine 8.5g

Histidine 4g

Purines 1170mg

Vitamins (units/1000kCal)

Vitamin A 20006IU

Vitamin B1 1.3mg

Vitamin B2 4.9mg

Vitamin B3 45.4mg

Vitamin B5 16.4mg

Vitamin B6 3.2mg

Vitamin B7 1.1mg

Vitamin C 56g

Vitamin D 188IU

Vitamin E 16.85IU

Choline 589mg

Folic Acid 0.71mg

NB Due to the nature of utilising whole food raw ingredient sources there may be minor variances in typical analysis between batches.

Our mission is for all animals to thrive as nature intended so we select whole free range, ethically farmed / wild meat sources and balance them with carefully selected fresh local certified organic produce, including certified organic herbs, certified organic seeds/cold-pressed oils.

All ingredients are fresh, human grade and of the highest quality possible. 

We are passionate about creating gourmet raw meals which are quick frozen to lock in the freshness, making them convenient for pet parents to simply defrost and serve!

For maximum freshness, it is recommended  to defrost in refrigerator (24 hours) and, once defrosted, feed the entire contents within 3-4 days.

All recipes available in 1kg containers for large breed/multiple dogs and 500g containers for small breed dogs.

Our meals are prepared with love by Sunshine Coast Organic Meats - Safe Food Accreditation # 124 915 000.