NHFA Heat Within
NHFA Heat Within
NHFA Heat Within

Natural Healing For Animals

NHFA Heat Within

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Is your pet’s skin hot to touch, do they scratch constantly, have weepy skin lesions, and do they pant and are restless at night. Do they have red eyes, red skin, and looking for a cool place even when it is not hot.

If you answered YES to these questions then your pet may have an imbalance within their body

Heat within is to cool the liver and reduce inflammation from the inside. We have had success with this product also for seizure dogs and red inflamed itchy dogs who have a lot of internal heat in the liver.

A large dog has 5 black pearls per day.

Each container contains 200 pearls

Xi jiao
Xuan shen
Dan shen
Jin yin hua
Huang bai
Yi yi ren
Fang Feng
Chan tui
Shi gao
Ku shen