Raw Sardines - Australian wild caught - Raw Dehydrated or Raw Frozen

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Raw Sardines - Australian wild caught - Raw Dehydrated or Raw Frozen

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Australian whole raw baby sardines are a sustainable source caught in Western Australia and frozen or air dried 

They are rich in EPA and DHA. (The long chain essential fatty acids that dogs and cats thrive on)

500g and 1kg available in a resealable pouch bag and fish are individual quick frozen so not stuck together.

Around 25-30 per 500g pack.

1kg of sardines contains around 50-60 sardines

For those who do not like them raw and cold then there is an air dried version that are shelf stable .

Sardines are an efficient and economical way to feed omega-3s (EPA, DHA) and these are unprocessed so there is no issue with rancidity that occurs with processed fish oils or fish oil capsules.

Sardines are the best fish choice of omega 3's  as they don't contain the heavy load of contaminants, of larger fish. They are small fish or immature members of a larger species, thus sardines have not had time to pick up and store heavy metals, such as mercury.

It's very easy to add a couple of frozen or defrosted whole sardines to your animal's food dish and watch them disappear!

Add a few sardines to meet the daily intake of essential fatty acids, or make a once-a-week complete meal of them. These are whole complete raw fish including heads and eyes so the mineral ratios are perfectly provided and balanced by nature.

These raw sardines by weight work out a lot more economical than buying canned sardines. Canned sardines from supermarket are cooked and imported.