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Simply Seaweed

Simply Seaweed

Simply Seaweed

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Product Information

What is Simply Seaweed?

Simply Seaweed is a dental supplement for dogs and cats. It is 100% Ascophyllum nodosum, a species of seaweed that may help with:

  • Dental maintenance
  • Prevention of dental disease
  • Prevention, reduction and removal of plaque
  • Prevention of calculus (tartar)
  • Reduction or elimination of halitosis (bad breath)
  • Stain removal and whitening of teeth

How Does It Work?

After being consumed by your pet, Ascophyllum nodosum works in several ways to improve dental hygiene, due to its natural antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-adhesive properties. Existing plaque is softened and new plaque is prevented from sticking to teeth.


The Simply Seaweed Difference

  • All natural and certified organic
  • No additives, preservatives or colourings
  • Not heat treated
  • Not irradiated
  • Heavy metal tested
  • Sustainably harvested
  • Money-back satisfaction guarantee
  • Australian ethical small business
  • Social enterprise
  • Plus every sale supports pets in need!


Nutrition Information

Average quantity per 100g. Values are approximate due to seasonal and harvesting factors. Declared upper limits of heavy metals are often higher than the expected value due to laboratory testing detection limitations. Even at these upper limits, heavy metals present are within safe limits as per the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ 2002).

Energy 639kJ
Protein 7.25g
Crude Protein 4 – 6g
Fat 2 – 3g
Carbohydrate 50 – 52g
Dietary Fibre 51g
Crude Fibre 6 – 8g
Ash (Minerals) 12.5 – 28g
Moisture 9.98 – 15g


Alginic Acid 18 – 27g
Laminarin 2 – 5g
Mannitol 3 – 8g
Sugar 0.1g


Carotene 3 – 6mg
Folinic Acid 0.01 – 0.05mg
Tocopherols 15 – 30mg
Vitamin A 516IU
Vitamin B1 (also known as Thiamin, Thiamine) 0.022 – 0.5mg
Vitamin B2 (also known as Riboflavin) 0.03 – 1mg
Vitamin B3 (also known as Niacin) 0.325 – 3mg
Vitamin B5 (also known as Pantothenic acid) 0.171mg
Vitamin B6 0.07mg
Vitamin B7 (also known as Vitamin H, Biotin) 0.01 – 0.04mg
Vitamin B9 (also known as Folate, Folic acid) 0.01 – 0.05mg
Vitamin B12 ≤0.005mg
Vitamin C (also known as L-ascorbic acid, ascorbic acid, ascorbate) 10 – 200mg
Vitamin D 0.004mg
Vitamin E 0.286mg
Vitamin K 0.336 – 1mg


Aluminium 2 – 15mg
Arsenic, total ≤3.84mg
Arsenic, inorganic 0.05 – 0.25mg
Arsenic, organic 1 – 3.5mg
Barium 1.5 – 5mg
Beryllium <0.1mg
Boron 8 – 10mg
Cadmium <0.1mg
Calcium 1,000 – 4,355mg
Chlorine 1,000 – 3,000mg
Chromium <0.1mg
Cobalt ≤1.28mg
Copper 0.1 – 42.6mg
Fluorine 0.0055mg
Iodine 20.2 – 100mg
Iron 10 – 121mg
Lead <0.1mg
Magnesium 500 – 2,789mg
Manganese 0 – 3.35mg
Mercury ≤0.002mg
Molybdenum ≤0.456mg
Nickel ≤0.5mg
Nitrogen 19.8 – 2,000mg
Phosphorus 15.6 – 200mg
Potassium 1500 – 3,000mg
Selenium ≤2.636mg
Silver <0.00001mg
Sodium 2,400 – 4,000mg
Sodium Chloride (also known as Salt) ≤9,000mg
Strontium 10 – 60mg
Sulphur 345 – 2,300mg
Tin <1mg
Titanium 0.1 – 1mg
Vanadium 0.2 – 0.6mg
Zinc 1 – 10mg

Amino Acids

Alanine 460mg
Arginine 250mg
Aspartic Acid 700mg
Cystine 120mg
Glutamic Acid 1,150mg
Glycine 300mg
Histidine 90mg
Isoleucine 210mg
Leucine 370mg
Methionine 140mg
Phenylalanine 230mg
Proline 220mg
Serine 290mg
Taurine 1.57mg
Threonine 290mg
Tryptophan Trace
Tyrosine 170mg
Valine 300mg

Fatty Acids

Monounsaturated Fatty Acids 1,120mg
Omega 3 377mg
Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids 1,060mg
Saturated Fatty Acids 590mg